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Nsenga New Testament Launch


On July 1st, 2015, the Nsenga Bible Translation Project team made their last upload of data to the United Bible Society servers. This marks the end of local office work on the Nsenga New Testament! This final upload happened three years to the day after the beginning of translation work with the team. Praise God!

Now Bible Society will digitally typeset the manuscript and send us a proof copy back for one last check. The NT will then be printed and shipped.

With God’s blessing, dedication and launch of the Nsenga New Testament will take place on July 14th, 2016.

In the meantime, the Nsenga committee has hired two new translators.  They will join the team in late September and begin training, including university-level coursework in Kenya. Translation work on the Old Testament will begin in November.

Pray with us that one day more than a million more precious souls will be able to read the entire Word of God in their own heart language. Your financial support and prayers will help this project to continue.

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  1. tom permalink
    June 30, 2016 7:14 am

    St. Paul’s of Colon, Michigan, USA will add a Nsenga hymn during communion on July 14. We are glad for this happy opportunity to remind our congregation to read and study their Bibles and to enable our brothers and sisters to read and hear God’s word in their own language by supporting LBT. We encourage other congregations to include a hymn, add a bulletin note or banner or hold a full blow-out celebration for the Nsenga-speakers and hearers will today be assured their God loves them and has great plans for them. Not just for speakers of English did Jesus die, but for all 7,000 plus language groups.
    (If possible consider a special offering of thanks???)

    • June 30, 2016 7:17 am

      Thank you Tom! We are so excited for this day and very happy that brothers and sisters in Christ around the world will be celebrating with us. I hope you enjoy the music!


  1. Nsenga Choir Music | The Plugers

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