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Nsenga Choir Music

May 5, 2016

In preparation for the Nsenga New Testament Launch and Dedication Service on July 14, 2016, a special choir has been formed. Drawing on members of choirs from many different churches around Petauke, the Nsenga Select Choir has been hard at work composing special songs in Nsenga to commemorate this awesome day. Below are links to audio files of the five songs, along with lyrics and translations. (See if you recognize the tunes to songs 4 and 5!) Please feel free to share these songs, and please pray for the Nsenga people as they prepare to receive the New Testament in their heart language.


Song 1 – Mwe Nyamalenga Sewo Tatembezya

Listen to the song.


Mwe Nyamalenga sewo tatembezya

pamwetipa sewo Ansenga

Nsenga Baibo yasu iyi


Nyamalenga tusenga

mutipe mphamvu na nzelu

notisukisha soti


Nyamalenga nimwe akulu cendi

Tusenga mashukisho ŵanu



Oh Creator-God we say thank you

for giving us Nsenga people

Our Nsenga Bible – this one!


Creator-God, we ask

you to give us power and wisdom

and you bless us again


Creator-God you are truly great

We ask for your blessings



Song 2 – Mwe Mulungu Nyamalenga

Listen to the song.


Mwe Mulungu Nyamalenga sewo tutembezya pakuti

Mwecisotiyavya kuyaluzya Cisenga casu, Ŵata Mwe


Mwituma Akilisi na yawo kuzotiyavya

kuti tomvwisha popenda Malizu ŵanu, Ŵata Mwe


Tusenga mashukisho, tusenga na nzelu

pali nchito mwatipa


Tutemwelela, sewo tutembezya

pali nsiku ya lelo



Oh God the Creator we thank you because

You have come to help us translate our Nsenga language, Oh Father


You sent Chris and others to help us

so that we can understand how to read your Word, Oh Father


We ask for blessing, we ask for wisdom

for the work which you have given us


We are very happy, we thank you

on this very day



Song 3 – Tili na Nsansa

Listen to the song.


Tili na nsansa, tili na cintemwa

Tutemwelela sewo Tansenga


Pali Nsenga Baibo mwatipa

Tutemwelela sewo Tansenga



We are happy, we have joy

We are very happy, we Nsenga people


Because the Nsenga Bible you have given

We are very happy, we Nsenga people


Song 4 – Titemwelele Sewo Tonse

Listen to the song.



Titemwelele sewo tonse

Potipasa moyo wa mphamvu

Titembezye Nyamalenga. Aleluya!


Nsiku ya lelo titembezye

Potilola sewo Ansenga

Kuyaluzya malizu ŵa m’buku iyi. Aleluya!



Let us all be very happy

Because you have given us powerful life

We praise the Creator-God. Alleluia!


Today let us give thanks

For allowing us Nsenga

To translate the words of this book. Alleluia!



Song 5 – Mwe Mulungu, Mwe Nyamalenga Ŵasu

Listen to the song.


Mwe Mulungu, Mwe Nyamalenga ŵasu

Tusenga m’tishukishe

Notipa cawanzi canu


Tipe Mzumu, tipe nzelu

Sewo Tansenga tonse

totemwana kwene kanthu


Oh God, Oh our Creator-God

We ask you to bless us

And to give us your gifts

And take care of us always

Give us Spirit, give us wisdom

All of us Nsenga people

Let us love each other with no limits


(And, yes, I do get mentioned by name in Song 2. It’s a little embarrassing, but at the same time a great honour to know that my small contribution has helped people understand God’s Word in a new way.)


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