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Help us keep the lights on (and the fans running!)

September 22, 2015

The country of Zambia is facing an electricity crisis. To make a very long story short, there is not enough water captured behind the hydroelectric dams that provide more than 90% of the country’s electricity. Not enough water = not enough power. solar-panels

Right now, we have 7-8 hours of scheduled power cuts (called euphemistically “load shedding”) every day. It’s a rotating schedule – 4am to 11am one day, 11am to 6pm the next, and then 8pm to 4am on day three, then we start over. These power cuts are affecting homes, businesses and industries across the country. Businesses are losing money, and industries are laying people off because they can’t run their machinery.

We are now entering the driest and hottest part of the year, when fans go from a luxury to a necessity (especially when trying to sleep under a mosquito net). Also, our refrigerator will not be able to keep up with the hot Zambian weather without sufficient power.

We don’t count on seeing any significant rainfall until Christmas, at the earliest. Between now and then, we will likely face more and longer power cuts. Even once the rains come, experts warn that it may take several years before the power generation infrastructure catches up with Zambia’s growing demand. Power cuts will likely become the “new normal” for the foreseeable future.

All of this is to ask you, our friends and supporters, to help fund the Pluger Solar Project. We hope to buy a solar system capable of running our fridge, fans, and computers for at least 10 hours a day. We know that there are many people who sacrifice a lot to keep us in the field, working to bring the Bible into the Nsenga language. We are now asking you to consider a special over-and-above gift, so that we can continue that translation work with adequate electricity.

Click on the solar panels tofive-solar-panel-arrays give a gift online, or write to:

Lutheran Bible Translators, PO Box 789, Concordia MO 64020 (please designate “Pluger Solar Project” on your check)

Thank you! And may Jesus shine on you with the light that no darkness can overcome!

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