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Sean’s School

April 22, 2015

Many of you have been specifically praying about Sean’s schooling situation during our next term of missionary service. Thank you all so much for praying for Sean’s education! It really is one of the major factors that affect our lives in Zambia.


For our first term (grades 4-6), Sean was homeschooled in Petauke as a class of one. This year on furlough he has been in grade 7 at a small Lutheran grade school very near where we are staying in Ohio. He has enjoyed his classes and classmates. All this year, we have been exploring options and investigating different school opportunities for Sean upcoming in grade 8, and also looking ahead to high school.

But we haven’t had a definite answer about where Sean is going to attend school…

…until now.

This past Tuesday, we were told that Sean has been accepted for 8th grade at Rift Valley Academy in Kijabe, Kenya. RVA is a mission-run boarding school specifically for about 500 missionary kids (MKs) whose parents are serving in Africa.

We are very happy that Sean has the chance to attend school with a bunch of other kids in his same life situation, and to be surrounded by a supportive school family that understands the exigencies of missionary life and places a high value on providing a quality, American-style, Christian education to its students. RVA offers a full junior- and senior-high programme, so if RVA is a good fit for Sean he could conceivably attend there until his high school graduation in June 2020.

As a boarding school student, Sean (and his mom & dad!!) will have a lot to get used to, from putting name tags in all of his clothes, to tea breaks, dorm life, cheering for the rugby team, weekend trips, solo plane rides, phone calls home, and all the rest. Janine and Chris will have to get used to an “empty nest” for nine months every year, and all of us will look forward with great anticipation to Sean’s three term breaks each year.

But in spite of all the upcoming adjustments (for which we definitely ask your continuing prayers!), we give thanks to God that Sean has this opportunity, and we look forward to all of the educational adventures to come.

Please feel free to comment or email with any questions you have, and again a huge THANK YOU to all who have been and will be praying for Sean’s education and safe travels.


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  1. Kathy and Joe Mayer permalink
    April 23, 2015 8:19 am

    So happy to hear the decision about schooling for Sean next year has been made. This one sounded like the right one when you described it to us at the restaurant, Chris! High school comes with many adjustments for all, no matter where it takes place, but your plates will, indeed, be unusually full. The missing is hard; the reunions so sweet!

    Joe and Kathy


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