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Master’s Degree

October 23, 2014

Chris has just finished the last of his coursework, begun in 2009, for a Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics from GIAL in Dallas, Texas. Coursework included classes in descriptive grammar, phonetics and phonology, discourse analysis, NT Greek exegesis, translation theory, field methodology, cross-cultural teaching, and other electives. His thesis, which he successfully defended on October 9, is now posted online.

Click the link to read Translating New Testament Proverb-like Sayings in the Style of Nsenga Proverbs.

Below is an outline, for those who might not want to read the whole thing:

  • Chapter 1: Introduction and overview of the thesis
  • Chapter 2: A survey of some relevant academic literature, including identification and translation of proverbs
  • Chapter 3: Defining a “proverb-like” saying in the New Testament, with many examples from the Greek
  • Chapter 4: An overview of Nsenga grammar
  • Chapter 5: Analysis of Nsenga proverbs (grammar, topics, sound patterns)
  • Chapter 6: Translating NT proverb-like sayings into Nsenga, using local-language proverbs as models
  • Chapter 7: Testing and review of sample translations
  • Chapter 8: Summary and suggestions for future research
  • Appendix A: 270 Nsenga proverbs, with translations, explanations, and grammatical glosses
  • Appendix B: A list of 74 New Testament “proverb-like sayings”
  • Appendix C: Reviewer responses

    Chris, with other GIAL students, sharing sweets and a study break.

    Chris, with other GIAL students, sharing sweets and a study break.

There is no way Chris could have done this work alone. As the proverb says, “Kakumo kamo nthakotola inda” (One finger cannot pick a louse). Thank you to all who have supported Chris in his studies, especially those Nsenga co-workers in Zambia who helped him understand and apply Nsenga proverbial wisdom to the ongoing Bible translation project. We pray that some of the work done for Chris’ thesis might help to improve the Nsenga New Testament project.

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  1. October 23, 2014 9:50 am

    Sounds more like a dissertation than a Master’s thesis. Well done! By the way, I loved the Nsenga proverbs in your newsletter. Have you ever played the game Wise or Otherwise?

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