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One more week

July 14, 2014

In one week, I will be getting on an airplane for the first time in three years and leaving Zambia for my first furlough.

On the one hand, I’m totally ready for it. First of all, Janine and Sean have been gone for four weeks, and I’m really looking forward to seeing them waiting for me as I come out of security at Dayton International Airport next Tuesday. Also ice cream.

On the other hand, I’m really not. Everyone says that the “reverse culture shock” is much harder than the regular culture shock. I really like my life and work in Zambia, especially the seemingly-slower pace of things, and I’m not looking forward to every aspect of American life. There are some things I’m not looking forward to getting used to again – things that I don’t really want to get used to.

All in all, of course, it will be great. Friends and family and English-language church services and restaurant food that’s actually fast and air conditioners and snow and ice cream and root beer and this “high-speed” internet that I keep hearing so much about…

Some people have asked if we still need financial support while we’re on furlough. The short answer is, “Yes!”

First of all, though we will be getting some R&R, furlough is not “vacation.” I will be working hard to finish my Master’s Degree, and we will also be doing a lot of traveling to connect with churches and supporters around the country who have made possible all of our work these last three years, all in the hope of returning to Zambia as soon as possible to continue the translation work.

Secondly, living in the US is (probably no surprise to anyone) actually more expensive than living and working in Zambia (even though gas is $7.50 a gallon here, and a stick of deodorant costs $10), especially when you include those much-anticipated plane tickets back to the US. So we actually need slightly more money while we’re on furlough than we do when we’re on the field.

To those who support us and our work in Zambia – thank you! To those who are interested in becoming a part of the effort to translate the Word of God into the Nsenga language for the first time – click around on this website for more info. To everyone who is interested in our work – see you soon!

In the meanwhile, enjoy our Summer Newsletter, containing amusing anecdotes, some details on our financial need, and a bit of shameless self-promotion!

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