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April 8, 2014

As we mentioned in our latest newsletter, it’s almost time for us to come back to the USA on furlough. Janine and Sean have plane tickets for 15 June; Chris will come about a month later after an important workshop and some field research for his MA Thesis project.

(If you want to brush up on your geography, our connections take us from Lusaka to Johannesburg to London to Chicago to Dayton, Ohio – about 22+ hours of flying time, plus layovers and time changes.)

What happens on a furlough?

Furlough is a time for a lot of things. Sean already has quite a list of things he wants to do and eat in the USA. Chris will spend about two months at GIAL finishing his MA in Applied Linguistics. We’re all looking forward to some R&R with family and friends. Sean will attend 7th grade at Bethlehem Lutheran School in Fairborn OH. We’ll get medical and dental checkups, new glasses prescriptions, and debriefings from our home office. We’ll get to touch base with individuals and churches around the country who have supported us the past 3+ years, thank them for their gifts and prayers, and ask them to partner with us again for our next term of service in Zambia. We’re also particularly excited about a special family vacation we’ll get to take over Sean’s birthday in April 2015.

How long will we stay?

Right now the plan is to stay in the US for about 9-10 months. This will give us time to do what we need, get some needed rest, and make sure Sean’s school year is smooth and uninterrupted. If everything works out, Sean will also be confirmed before we return to Zambia. Chris will probably come back to Zambia in mid-May of 2015, and Janine and Sean will follow after the school year is over in June.

One more thing…

Being in the US is a bit more expensive than being in Africa. In addition to our plane tickets from Zambia to the US in 2014 and the return trip in 2015, there are just extra expenses associated with being on furlough. In addition to that, Sean’s schooling could likely change dramatically in 8th grade (Fall 2015), which will impact our budget as well.

All of which is to say that we still rely on the generous contributions of our many faithful supporters while on furlough, and will be making contacts to try to develop more partnerships that will allow our work to continue through the publication of the Nsenga NT and on to whatever happens next.

If you already contribute financially to our work in Zambia – THANK YOU! If you would like to become one of our supporters, click the big red “Donate Now” button on the sidebar. A single gift is a great blessing, and an ongoing monthly donation helps to keep us in the field for the long-term duration of the project.

Our new Partnership Development goal is $21 per month, per day. That is, if a person gives $21 a month toward our project, at the end of a year that person will have supported one day of our work with the Nsenga Bible Translation Project that year. Whatever successes (or setbacks) we have enjoyed that day, you will have partnered with us in that. We’ll even ask which day you want to choose, so we can fill our calendar with supporters’ names and dates, and remember to pray for you especially on that day. Then, when we get 365 people supporting us at $21 per month (or fewer people giving bigger gifts), we will be fully-funded for our return and long-term stay in Zambia, helping to bring God’s Word to the heart language of the Nsenga people.

God’s blessings – and SEE YOU SOON!

Chris, Janine, and Sean




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