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God so loved the world…

December 5, 2013

We’ve been really busy lately (like the rest of you, I’m sure). In November there was a workshop for 20+ reviewers, which needed to be organized, attended, and recovered from, and then have the advice incorporated into the drafts. Chris is still up to his eyeballs in his college class (but the end is finally in sight). Meanwhile, Chris’ mom is visiting for six weeks, so there were guest preparations, lots of cleaning, and then traveling to pick her up in Lusaka and then a holiday at Victoria Falls. Now we have sugar cookies, Lego trains, and other Christmasy things to do, on top of finishing the homeschool term and spending plenty of time just trying to keep cool in the hot summer before the rains come.

Nevertheless, a HUGE milestone passed today at the Nsenga Bible Translation Project. Today was the day that we took our first serious exegetical/linguistic/translational look at John 3:16. This verse will go through many more stages and revisions before it’s finalized, but today the “Gospel in a Nutshell” verse took shape for the first time in the Nsenga language. Here’s what we have:

Mulungu eŵatemwa ngako ŵanthu a pa calo conse ca pansi. Tetyo, eŵapa Mwana yumo yeka, kuti aliyense womucetekela osati atayike, koma aŵe na moyo wosasila.

God loved very much the people in the whole world. So, he gave them his Only Son Himself, so that anyone who trusts him will never be lost, but have life without end.


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  1. Steve Lawrenz permalink
    December 5, 2013 10:31 am

    Thursday, December 5, 2013.


    I loved reading your post.

    Ah, John 3:16. It looks so much like Chewa and then again it doesn’t.

    Steve Lawrenz, Blantyre, Malawi.

    • December 5, 2013 11:18 am

      We made some not-insignificant structural changes from Buku Loyera’s rendering. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

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