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When the cat’s away…

February 17, 2013

Janine went to Lusaka for a missionary wives’ retreat this weekend, leaving Sean and Chris at home alone. So… what did we do all weekend?

It started on Friday morning. Sean came into the translation office with us. After a short tutorial on our ParaTExt translation software, he looked over our drafts and corrected formatting errors in cross-references throughout the NT. For example, fixing a reference to Jn. 3.16- 17 by changing it to our “approved” Yh 3:16-17 (with a colon instead of a full-stop, no space after the hyphen, and no full-stop after the book abbreviation). Then he cleaned up a bunch of other errors, using the checking tools – spaces before commas, no space after semi-colons, straight-quotes instead of smart-quotes, etc, etc. All in all he made about 150 corrections to the project. Then, after a well-deserved chicken and nshima lunch, he got to play video games in the afternoon.

The rest of the weekend involved sleeping in, making pancakes, watching Lord of the Rings, playing Lego, eating soup, enjoying the rain, finishing a particularly hard level in a video game we’re playing, and running around with the dogs. We also helped our pastor collect and transport 10 bags of cement and two metal doorframes for a building project in the pouring rain, and squeezing in two loads of laundry once the rain ended.

On Monday we’ll go into the office again and try not to get into too much trouble before Janine gets home on Tuesday morning.

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