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‘It was a miracle; like manna from heaven.’

January 28, 2013

A local pastor just stopped into the office. He told us that he had read from our draft versions of Mark and Ephesians yesterday during his sermon. He said, “The people were very surprised! They were very happy when they heard that Nsenga. They were just smiling and laughing. It was like a miracle; like manna from heaven.”

Then he also said that the people are so used to hearing the Chewa Bible, that now when you ask someone to pray they will even pray in Chewa because they think it is more holy than Nsenga. So the people in his church were “very happy” to hear that God can speak to them in Nsenga also.

After church he went to a neighboring congregation and told them about the project as well. He said the people wanted him to read something, so he read the whole first chapter of Galatians to them and they really loved it. That congregation’s pastor will also be passing by the office to get his own draft copies to read more to them later.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support of the Nsenga Bible Translation Project. Our efforts are bearing fruit by God’s grace!


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