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My Saturday Morning

September 29, 2012

I had a few errands to run that I can’t get done during the week because of the time spent in the translation office. So, at 8:00am, I left the house on my bike.

At 8:05, my back bike tire blew out. Not just a “slow puncture,” but a loud *pop*. Oh well. I start pushing to the guys who repair at the side of the road.

Of course, not only is the inner tube busted, but the tire itself is split most of the way round. So, back to the house for the spare tire I’ve been hanging on to. I left the bike with the repair guys and kept walking.

The ATM was actually on, and actually had cash. So that was nice. I walked to the bank and paid my rent.

I tried to pass by my friends’ shop to greet them, but they were closed.

Then I went to the Post Office and tried to pay for the next year’s rent on our PO box. After standing in line for 20 minutes, I was told that they were “too busy” to handle that today, and could I come back on Monday?

Then I passed by the bike guys. Turns out they have two different kinds of inner tubes here – something different about the valve stems. Of course, the kind of valve stem that fits my wheel is not available. So, they will try to patch the old one, and the new one needs to be returned to the store.

I found out that the electricity bills had been distributed this morning (they bring them to your house, and you take them to the office to pay in person). So I passed by the office to see if I could pay without the bill. Of course, that wasn’t possible.

So now, the only thing I’ve really gotten to cross off the list is pay the rent. The post office still needs money (can’t get my mail until I pay). My friends didn’t get greeted. Plus, I’ve added two new things: the bike tire and the electricity bill. At least I got a couple of tasty fritters to eat while walking around town all morning – about 5km total, probably.

African missionaries: Getting less accomplished before 10:00am than most people don’t all day.

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