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A Nice Reminder

January 13, 2012

Your life on earth is merely a pilgrimage. God allows you to live in this body and walk on this earth so you can help other people and bring them to heaven. Therefore, we must use all things on earth in no other way than as guests who travel across the country and come to an inn. They spend the night there and take only food and lodging from the innkeeper. They don’t claim that the innkeeper’s property now belongs to them. This is how we must deal with material possessions – as if they do not belong to us. We should enjoy only as much as necessary for us to maintain our bodies and use the rest to help our neighbors. Similarly, the Christian life is like being an overnight guest. “For we do not have an enduring city” (Hebrews 13:14), but we must go to our Father in heaven. (Luther)

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