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Early Christmas Presents

December 19, 2011

Late last week, the Pluger family received two early Christmas presents.

The first was our long-awaited truck. It finally cleared customs, passed its import inspections, paid its road tax, was approved by INTERPOL, granted a license number, and released to us. Missionary Dan Sargent drove it to Petauke for us from Lusaka, and we were happy to return his old Land Cruiser for the spiffy new Ford Ranger.

We are very blessed to have a vehicle of our own. In a country where almost everyone walks almost everywhere, having a vehicle gives us the ability to go where we need to, when we need to, regardless of the weather or the distance. In addition,  a four-wheel-drive truck lets us go to the isolated, out-of-the-way places where “deep” Nsenga is spoken, to do our preliminary research, reach isolated pockets of Nsenga with the Word, and eventually to test the comprehensibility of our translation with all Nsenga people. (Of course, it’s also really nice for the two-hour drive to Chipata to visit the Western-style grocery store there and visit Sean’s homeschool friends!)

Last school year, the National Honor Society at Wisconsin Lutheran High School made the “Pluger Project” their mission fundraiser for the year. Through their dedicated efforts, and the generosity of hundreds, if not thousands, of members of the Wisco family, over ten thousand dollars were raised for this vehicle. In many ways, then, every trip we make here in Africa in our truck is a “Wisco mission trip.” Thank you!

The remainder of the money was donated by other supporters in the US – especially one major donor who has never met us in person, but was nonetheless compelled to participate in our small part in bringing God’s Word to every language. We give thanks to God for so many partners who support us in so many ways.

Our other early Christmas gift was quite a bit smaller.

One of the missionaries in Lusaka found a little lost kitten, walking along the top of the wall fence trying to avoid the guard dogs. After several unsuccessful attempts to find it a home among the mission family in Lusaka, she called Janine (who had asked Chris for a kitten for Christmas, of all things). The kitten came out in the new truck with Pastor Sargent.

So now Riley is settling in to life in Petauke, and we’re adjusting to him as well. Right now, like all kittens, he likes eating, sleeping, and roughhousing best. He also really enjoys attacking our mosquito nets at night. We are very happy to have a new addition to our Africa house.

May our gracious God grant you love, mercy and peace as your early Christmas presents this year, as we wait with eager expectation for the greatest gift of all, our Savior Jesus Christ.

Merry Christmas from

The Plugers

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  1. December 19, 2011 10:57 am

    Awww! Riley’s so cute! Give him a little scritch under the chin, for me. Congrats on both your new additions, and Merry Christmas!

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