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We’re Here!

August 26, 2011

Well, we made it! We landed in Lusaka on Wednesday night (the 24th). Much to our surprise, all 9 of our checked bags also made it on the same flight! Some of the staff from the Lutheran Mission picked us up at the airport and got us settled at the Guest House across the street from the Lutheran Seminary in Lusaka. We’re planning to stay here for a week or so while we get things sorted out.

The first thing to sort out was sleep. We finally all fell asleep around midnight on Wednesday. Chris and Janine slept until almost noon, but Chris went down for a nap right after breakfast. Sean slept until 2:30pm. We had a pretty low-key day on Thursday, just some socializing and a trip to a grocery store in the afternoon. The Sargent family had us over for dinner. We all fell asleep by 10pm, but were wide awake again about 2 in the morning – a combination of barking dogs, a crowing rooster, and our bodies thinking it was time to eat!

We woke up at normal times this morning (Friday the 26th) and hope to get a regular night’s sleep tonight. Meanwhile, after making breakfast this morning we went into Lusaka to the BOMA (government offices) to do the paperwork for our alien registration cards. Thanks to more great work by the mission staff, those are all taken care of – photos, thumbprint, laminating and all.

While Chris and Janine were cutting red tape, Sean got to participate in the last day of the VBS at the Seminary across the street. There were 112 kids there today, and Sean came out of the game time covered in red dust. He’s feeling right at home.

There is a small snag with our work permits, but nothing huge. Apparently, work permits are issued in little booklet form, like a passport. The government, however, is out of the blank booklets, so the permit cannot be issued. We are confident this can be resolved before the expiration of our tourist visa, and that even if it cannot, the mission staff here will keep us all sorted out.

We hope to be here in the capital until sometime next week. Once we get a little more comfortable behind the wheel, we’d like to make a trip out to Petauke, the town about 4 hours from here where we will eventually be based. We’d like to take a look at some available housing options and re-connect with the Nsenga Bible Translation Committee there. Meanwhile, there are plenty of people to see in Lusaka and much that can be done.

We’d like to thank you all for your prayers and support, especially during this time of transition. Even though we’re now “over here,” we hope to still be in your hearts and prayers as we prepare to begin this awesome work of bringing God’s Word to the Nsenga people.

Until next time,

Chris, Janine & Sean

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  1. Shana Beyersdorf permalink
    August 28, 2011 7:19 pm

    Hey Pluger family! I am Shana Beyersdorf 3rd grade teacher at Christ/St.Peter Lutheran school and we have decided to make your mission our mission project for the first quarter of the next three school years. I will be printing off your blogs and getting whatever information I can to pass on to our students so they can feel your excitement and be connected to what you are doing so that they will be inspired to give. Let me know if there is anything else we can do or if there is information I can get about where you are in Africa that will help the kids relate. God’s blessings

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