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Full Circle

February 23, 2011

Chris is getting ready for a trip to Dallas this weekend. He’ll be speaking in several churches, catching up with some “old” friends, and hopefully making some new ones.

It’s fun to be going back to “where it all started.” The year we spent in Dallas going to school at GIAL was really where we learned that Bible translation was, in fact, something we were able to do and wanted to do, and where we acquired the skills needed to do it.

The people we met, both at school and in church, helped us see the world of mission work and our little place in it. Several of our first long-term mission partners live in Dallas – people who have been faithfully supporting our work for almost a year now, as we add more partners to our team and get ready to make the BIG move to Zambia later this year.

So, our partnership journey is starting to come full circle. From Dallas it’s back to Ohio (we’ve done that once before), and then on to Wisconsin (ditto), with a couple of stops along the way to meet a few more new people, in whose name and by whose generosity we can leave for Zambia with a full team of mission partners, all by the gracious provision of our merciful God.

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