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Getting the Word Out

February 11, 2011

Sometimes, you have to get the word out that you’re trying to get the Word out. Fellow Bible Translator Rich Rudowske, who has been with his family in Kang, Botswana for a while working on the Shekgalagari Bible Translation Project, writes the following about a brochure, written in the local language:

The other big accomplishment this week was the finalization and beginning of distribution of a brochure and flyer about the Shekgalagari Bible Translation Project written completely in Shekgalagari that asks the reader to consider is it possible to read and write Shekgalagari and is it possible for God to speak Shekgalagari.  It then informs the reader of the project as a grass roots effort in partnership to translate the Bible into Shekgalagari, tells them where the project is located, and asks for prayers and financial contributions.  It also includes some original artwork done simply but showing Bakgalagari life instead of the more Euro-centric clipart one might use….

The flyer and brochure are the hottest thing in the village right now.  Whenever we give one out, people sort of detain us to hear them read it and express great thankfulness for it, many kissing it and stashing it in coat pockets or other places to keep safe and show others.  It is amazing the things we take for granted like having access to the printed version of our language.

Read the whole post here, and make sure to check out a copy of their brochure here.

Someday, Chris hopes to be as cool as Rich Rudowske.

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